Welcome to the Icons8 Lab. This is a sacred place where we work on our top innovations.

Our most recent one is a visual search. It allows you to search for the icons you need—not with words but with your drawings of them.

We've all been there: You're in a foreign country asking locals to show you the road to your hotel. Your whole body produces a strange combination of sounds and words, but the most efficient part of your performance is a visual one, the gestures and symbols you make. It is the same if you need an icon. You don't have to look for all the possible words describing it—you just sketch it, and our system will get you the best match. It's especially convenient for mobile phones and tablets.

Our system is a complex neural network. And it's learning.

Hundreds of people are educating it every day when they send in their drawings. The system is alive and organic, like a child we nurture together. To make your mark in its history and have some fun on the way, you can draw a few icons right now.

Our child is small yet, but you can see for yourself what he is capable of at the moment.